GUN Another crook shot by a woman must be that time of the month for most women

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    Seems like theres been 5 or 6 stories last couple days about women being the shooters
    Suspect's Mom Denies Knowing of Plans

    By Serena Maria Daniels
    Signal Staff Writer
    Saturday October 21, 2006

    The mother of a man who was shot Wednesday after he allegedly tried to break into a Canyon Country home said she was unaware that her son may have been in the midst of an attempted burglary that day.

    Cynthia Brandon, 51, of Pacoima told The Signal on Friday that her son Michael Lugo, 29, asked her for a ride to a friend's house Wednesday morning so he could collect some money that was owed to him.

    Without asking any questions, Brandon said she drove Lugo in a red Dodge Intrepid to a home in the 16900 block of Canvas Street, where he asked her to wait inside the vehicle while he went to fetch his money.

    Lugo walked up to the home, where he appeared to be talking to someone through the front door for a moment, before he leaped over the fence into the backyard, Brandon said.

    That is when Brandon heard gunshots, as Lugo was shot by the female occupant of the home with a .38-caliber pistol. Though she could not see her son, she said she could hear him pleading for his life.

    "He told her 'please, please don't kill me,'" Brandon said in a telephone interview.

    Lugo, covered in blood, fled the woman's property and climbed into the car.

    "He took his pants off, his shirt; he was just completely drenched in blood," said Brandon of her son's condition.

    Panicked, she flagged down deputies - who were en route to the scene of the reported burglary attempt after the homeowner made a call to sheriff's deputies - on the intersection of Soledad Canyon Road and Deep Creek Drive.

    Both Brandon and Lugo told the responding deputies he had been involved in a gang shooting on Sand Canyon Road, according to a sheriff's incident report. She later informed deputies she had told them that because that is what Lugo wanted her to say, the report read.

    Lugo was transported to Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, where he is being treated for three gunshot wounds - two to his abdomen and one to his leg.

    The mother and son were arrested on suspicion of burglary. Brandon was released Thursday after her bail of $50,000 was posted.

    The District Attorney's office has not yet filed charges against the pair.

    While Brandon denies any involvement or knowledge in the alleged burglary attempt, Lt. Mike Dunkle, acting captain of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station, said he believes investigators have collected sufficient physical evidence to make an arrest on both Brandon and Lugo.

    "We believe, based on the totality and the circumstances surrounding the incident that there was sufficient, reasonable cause to arrest her," Dunkle said.

    After the two were arrested, investigators reportedly recovered 37 items from their vehicle that they will use as evidence, including several credit cards, a Social Security card and a checkbook, all in names other than Brandon's or Lugo's; and a police radio scanner, a computer and several pieces of jewelry.

    Once Lugo is released from the hospital, he is expected to appear in Santa Clarita Superior Court for an arraignment. The date of Brandon's arraignment is unknown.

    Brandon admitted that she has had her share of problems with the law and with drugs, but said that she started going to church and has stayed clean.

    "He would never put me in that position," Brandon said. "This is just making me sick. I can't sleep, I keep hearing my son pleading for his life."
    Copyright:The Signal
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    Adds a whole new meaning to quality family time.
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    Hrmm... :dunno:
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    okay, I for one believe the mother. I know if I was the son, and told my mom what to tell the cops, she would probably do it.

    but yeah, good thing that fucker got shot :mamoru2:
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    That's an interesting new spin that the media tried to put on this story. I still wish they would've shot the kid dead.

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