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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Frank N. Beans, Apr 12, 2005.

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    Theres blown highlights on the rims and the red channel looks very clipped from here (loss of detail on the car). Obviously, this is bad news because both of those faults happen on the main subject of the picture. I don't know what time you took this, but judging by the highlights on the rims, I'm guessing it was a couple hours before sunset (when the sun was still relatively high). You're better off headed for the shade during this time or waiting for golden light. :dunno:

    As for the grass...

    grass.. man :noes: Not the most flattering location for a car shoot, but :dunno: It might be better to crop out the tree or have a tighter crop. I'm assuming that hendrick engines has something to do with the car unless you randomly picked a shop and took pics there :hsugh:

    A better angle might be if you rotated yourself to the right and got the car w/ just one building and the sign rather than having the tree and the building behind it or whatever.


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