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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Two-Lane Blacktop, Jan 30, 2010.

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    I received a PM asking what new rappers were coming out and thought I’d make a thread about it. Post some stuff you’ve been listening to and let’s get a list going.

    I've been talking about him for awhile but every list for me in 2010 begins with Jay Electronica. This third verse (around the 3 minute mark) is the best flow I think I’ll hear all year.

    He’s been around since ’98 so he’s not new by any means, but Z-ro put out two of my favorite songs of the year. IMO the most underrated rapper out, how he hasn't blown up yet is beyond me

    Currensy never impressed me with Young Money, but since he’s gone solo he’s shined. You might not notice it at first cause he talks about weed/money all the time, but he has one of the nicest flows around

    J. Cole is a rapper from North Carolina who signed with Jay-Z. He dropped the verse of the year IMO on Wale’s album



    Freddie Gibbs:

    People either love or hate Charles Hamilton because of his behavior away from the studio, but I think he puts out really good music:

    Lil' B released a mixtape called "6 Kiss" that I found very entertaining:
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    I don't know what he's doing now, but Danny Swain is a rapper from South Carolina who's released a couple albums in the last couple years. His raps are decent, but I really, really like his beats:
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    freddie gibbs is fucking hard :bowdown:

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