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    Machine guns stolen from SWAT van
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    By Alex Doniach
    The Commercial Appeal
    April 23, 2007

    Memphis police were looking Monday night for the thieves who stole seven weapons from a North Carolina SWAT team van parked in South Memphis.

    Members of the SWAT team based in Raleigh, N.C., were eating at Interstate Bar-B-Que, 2265 S. Third, about 3:30 p.m. Monday when they realized their van had been broken into, said Lt. Jerry Gwyn of Memphis felony response.

    Taken were three machine guns, two semi-automatic handguns, and two 12-gauge shot guns, Gwyn said.

    The officers, who were traveling from Raleigh to Little Rock for training, noticed two thieves driving away in a burgundy Ford Expedition, Gwyn said. A video surveillance camera also caught the thieves in action.

    "We’re concerned with getting these guns off the street," Gwyn said. "We have a lot of folks working on it right now."

    The theft was reminiscent of a heist in 1997, when thieves stole a Little Rock FBI team’s Suburban. Inside the SUV were grenade launchers, M-16 rifles, submachine guns and other potent weapons, which were found after an intense three-day search.
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    Lucky bastards got some good heaters.
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    have guns for sale, cash is king NO POLICE pm for details
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    my dad's friend is on the Raleigh SWAT team. i'll see if i can ask him what was taken. I remember like 8 years ago one of the members was driving to a training course that he taught with his guns in the back of his pickup truck. he must have hit a bump on the highway and an M4 and MP5 fell out onto the shoulder. someone found them and called the police.

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