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Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by cucumber, Aug 15, 2007.

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    Ok, this post is really two parts. My girlfriend and I are going to begin (try) dieting again and I really want to succeed. So here's my first question.

    For myself, some basics. 6'4" 255 probably 25% bodyfat. Background on my past weight, was 350 at age 19 dieted, got down to 195, skinny no muscle, religiously hit the gym bulked to about 230 probably 18% bodyfat. I had an injury that caused me to be on the shelf, therefore the lame excuse for my body being in rough shape. I would like to weight 210, but the weight to me doesn't matter, it's the composition on my body. Should I eat excess calories to get stronger? I'm not very strong, I'd say my big three right now Bench 230 Squat 315 Deadlift 315. My highest was about 285/375/405. The muscle memory is there, I just need to get back in the gym. Or do I go in a caloric deficit to cut the fat and then attempt to put on mass and gain strength? Or with the state my body is in now, can Iactually do both by eating tons of protein and doing lots of cardio? I plan on taking Creatine, L-Arginine, and tons of protein. Should I rethink that, any other supplements I should take? Any lifting routine suggestions?

    Secondly, my girlfriend is overweight as well. She has PolyCistic Ovarion Syndrome, which she claims causes her to not lose weight easily. Any diets you can suggest for a woman and or exercise routines that would be more beneficial for her?

    Thanks for reading, and I have read the stickies, and I'm somewhat familiar with the fitness and nutrition basics.
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