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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Wilddog, Jan 4, 2007.

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    ever since I was a child I was a worrier. But it wasnt until my second year of university that anxiety hit me like a freight train. A year later, after seeing a counsellor and reading self-help books, things seem to be getting worse. Well I went to my family doctor the other day and he was about to prescribe me paxil when he decided to give me a quick physical. Anyways, it appears that my thyroid seems to be enlarged. He set me up with an ultrasound test and blood tests, still waiting for results. Apparently an enlarged thyroid usually incorporates hyperthyroidism, which leads to anxiety, mood swings, and several other symptoms. I was just curious if anyone else has been diagnosed with this, what your symptoms were, and how it was treated?? Cheers
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    It could very well be your tyroid, assuming you do not engage in confidence destroying behavior (stuff you regret, excessive intoxications, being screamed at or abused by your father).

    Paxil worked well for me I must admit, but it was only a pick up the pieces type thing. I had to take a benzodiazapine in order to stop anxiety. And that is even a more of the pick up the pieces type thing.

    I cant take that garbage forever. I am working on changing the way my brain proccesses the external world in order to be able to cope without the drugs. Of any kind.
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    just because your thyroid is enlarged, doesn't mean its not working properly. when i was suffering real bad with anxiety, i had an ultrasound of my thyroid done. the right side was "a little enlarged" but the bloodwork came back normal, so, it was no biggie. just my .02 and you prolly saw this coming if you know me, but, stay away from drugs. try alternative treatments first. you don't have a lack of paxil causing your anxiety, and paxil will not cure your anxiety, it will cover it up until you stop taking it. i suggest trying other non-medication treatments first.

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