FIT Any ankle mobility exercises?

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After seeing a couple of orthopedists for knee pain and getting no help except "I see slight bruising", I'm convinced I have knee pain stemming from wrecking my ankles 4-5 years ago.

Any recommendations? I'll probably go back to a doctor in August but I wouldn't mind starting something now.


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Jan 5, 2005
Honestly, I'd avoid seeing an MD for something like this.


But there is so much more that could be the cause of knee pain.

I'd check and see if there is an Active Release practitioner in your area

Start working on your whole body... your knee pain could be combination of all kinds of shit, from your neck, to your back, to your hips, to your glutes, to your hamstrings, to your ankles and then some... so much shit is involved.

It could be something as simple as a really tight IT band which can usually be corrected by foam rolling.

If you don't own one, but a foam roller and follow the tips in the Foam Rolling sticky at the top of the forum. Spending 15 minutes a day working with a foam roller can work wonders with the body.

It's a shame how much money people waste by seeing doctors that don't know their shit only to never have the problem corrected. Of course there are things that require an ortho, but a lot of knee problems can be corrected without surgery.

My mom had two separate orthos tell her that she needed a knee replacement and could never run again. After I sent her to my ART guy and she got lots of work done + I had her strengthen her posterior chain, she's training for a sprint triathlon with zero knee pain now.


Thanks for the great posts guys. I did talk to my doctor at one point (a DO) and she did mention I had a weak muscle (compared to the surrounding muscles) under the knee. Can't for the life of me remember what it was.

I always chalked my knees up to playing goalie in hockey for a long time but I also destroyed both of my ankles at separate points in my late teens. I have terrible ankle mobility and I definitely think it's what exacerbates the problem in my right knee.

I'm going to start those exercises in the morning and at night. Perhaps while at the gym as well.
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