MIL Any Canadian Officers here?

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    How was your training? Do you regret going the Officer route? What's your trade?

    I've always thought of switching from NCM to Officer, but my buddies at the regiment are keeping me away. What do you say?
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    some people make good officers and enjoy it and some people make good ncm's and enjoy it, I think it depends on the person what is best suited for you...

    but well, as you know I don't really have any real exp. as an officer as basis to answer most of your questions.. except part of the training. I imagine though that officer/ncm relations are pretty much universal, or at the very least quite similar to those in the US army, so some of the officers here could probably give you some insight.

    you could always check out the forums, just doing a quick search i found this :,22686.0.html

    if you are mcpl or above I believe you get to skip the first parts of basic (IAP and BOTP, 10 and 5 weeks, sometimes done seperately). this phase shouldn't give you much trouble, if you have to go through it. just be open to learning new ways of doing things and don't act like youre the shit, like some former ncm's did on our platoon last summer, heh.
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