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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by cypha12, Oct 29, 2002.

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    I'm thinking of buying a front display projector and would like some advice. Whats the difference between a DLP/LCD/CRT projector? Which is best? Whats a lumen? Whats the best for under $5k?
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    CRT = Cathode Ray Tube, similar to the tube-type televisions most of us have

    Lumen = unit of light, ie Luminescence, higher Lumen = brighter lamp

    Some great information, comparissons, and prices here
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    crt=best picture but very finicky. more for hobbyist. very expensive (15-40k new)but you can buy used with decent/new tubes for 1/5 th the original price. Higher end models are only projectors capable of the highest resolutions available.

    check out for a very good source for excellent projectors.

    dlp=excellent picture. newer technology. excellent colors. black level not as good as crt. 4:3 models can be had for $3000. good 16:9 models that can do hdtv can be had for about $7000 new.

    LCD=pretty good picture, imho. Older technology. To me, too much "screendoor" effect. black levels also a weakness.

    d-ila=up and coming format. but way too expensive and loud still

    As a owner of a crt, I love my Barco 1208. But it's definitely not plug and play and is the size of a small tank. But the picture is amazing. Mid-higher end crt's need very very good light controlled rooms, a video processor, and a lot of room.

    LCD/DLP is the wave of the future. Very very plug and play. Small in size, easy to setup, brighter, easy to install onto the ceiling and pretty good picture. Get a $200 dvd player and make your own screen and get a huge picture for under $4000 sans audio equipment. For upper end I'd recommend the Sharp 9000 Dlp for about $8000 (was a $1000 a month ago avail but don't know if still around) or for a decent start the Piano Plus at $3200 (

    Best place to go to learn about projectors

    Oh btw, check and you can get the Japanese version of the Sharp 9000 for $5000, but you'll have to have the cajones to import it.


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