Any GM Techs in here? Stalling at certain temperature

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Aviv, Sep 21, 2006.

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    My Intrigue (3.8 V6) has been in the shop for a few days, and they can't seem to figure out what's wrong. Here's the story:

    For a while, when I came to a stop (or a near stop) and then hit the gas again, sometimes the car would hesitate and lose power for a second. But it wouldn't stall. I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS RELATED TO THE PROBLEM OR NOT, I just thought I should mention it. I figured it just needed a tune up, and it really hadn't been doing it all that much lately.

    On Monday, as I was pulling into the parking garage at work, I stopped to wave my pass card to get through the gate. When I went to accelerate through the gate, it stumbled like I described above. However, about 10 seconds later, it stalled completely. And I could not get it started. It would crank and fire, but it would just die right away.

    I had it towed to a shop nearby, and the first thing they did was tune it up. That didn't fix it. Then they replaced the crank sensor because the computer was throwing a code for that. Now it will start when it's COLD, but once it warms up (I think they said to 217 degrees), it dies and will not start again until it cools down, and the process repeats. When it dies, it loses spark and injector pulse, but retains fuel pressure. Also, the tech mentioned that the car's computers were saying that one of them couldn't communicate with the others. They suspect one of the computers is bad, but need to run more tests. I don't think they're saying that to make money off me, since the dealer would have to install and program a new computer anyway, not them.

    Has anyone ever heard of this happening or have any ideas?
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    My professional diagnosis is: pos
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    what year is the vehicle. if its 98 or later then sounds like they didnt calibrate the CPS correctly. the 3.8L is well KNOWN for having faulty CPS so as i was first reading this that was my guess. take it back to them and have them fix it right.


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