Any gODHEAD fans here?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by SwingHeil, Aug 24, 2004.

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    I'd say I am a pretty big fan, but I also think they are the type of band a lot of people would enjoy if only given the chance. Well, here is that chance. Their last album was called "Evolver" and it is a very appropriate title. They defintely evolve on each album. If you have heard them, what are your thoughts on them? However, if you haven't then I have some thing you can do:

    1) You can download some their songs, I would recommend "The Getaway" or "Just Like You" off of Evolver. If you like them, then you can download stuff off their other albums. Hey, maybe you might even like them enough to go out and buy some of their stuff.

    2)You can also head over to their site and join their board to learn more about the band. At the very least, you can converse with their fans and I feel it would be "good times" indeed. Anyway, the link to that is "here."

    I hope you check them out one way or another. I honestly feel it would be worth your while. Thanks.


    Feel free to comment and ask any questions here if you'd like.
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    Not a fan, but I've known those guys for years, back before they left DC. They're good people to party with, not stuck up assholes.

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