GUN Any good gun ranges around Chicago?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Robb, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Robb

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    Ill be there this weekend and id like to shoot my new gun, an xd40. Ive never shot at a range before because there are none around where i live. Im sure there are ranges near chicago though. Does anyone know of a good one? What should i expect when i go? I just pay, go the lane and shoot at a target? Tell me what its like. Also, my g/f is going w/ me to CHicago, do most ranges let you rent a gun, she is only 20, so i dont even know if its legal to rent a gun if your 20. Would i have to take a tour or safety thing before they let me shoot? We're somewhat strapped for time and id like to keep this under an hour if possible, probably 50-60 rds or so.

    So, anyone know of anyplace near chicago? Thanks
  2. Ford4Life

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    I doubt you'll find any shooting ranges within the city limits, Chicago has banned handguns since 1982, the only permitted ownership within the city is those that are grandfathered in. Most of the ranges I can remember outside the city limits are private, you can't just show up and shoot.

    I would be VERY, VERY careful transporting a firearm around Chicago if I were you.
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    Chicago, IL
    There are no gun ranges in the city, but many in the surrounding suburbs. I don't know if you are from out of state or not, but most of the ranges in the area require a gun card. As long as one person in your group has that, your gf would be fine. I would recommend Gun World in Bensenville. They have plenty of rentals and are rarely crowded. I would call the place below and make sure everything is ok before you make the trip. The standard procedure is you pay, they hold your ID, you choose which gun you want to rent, buy targets and ammo, and pick whatever stall you want to shoot in.

    Gun World
    421 Irving Park Road
    Bensenville, IL
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  4. cruzr180

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    Aug 26, 2001
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    mega sports - plainfield
    midwest guns - lyons
    gat guns - east dundee
    maxons - des plaines

    need a FOID card to shoot though.
  5. Robb

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    Thanks guys, i have my own gun, we're going through springfield, illinois and i found a nice range there. Ive also got my foid so thats cool. Thanks for the sugg's.
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    nw indiana
    if you want to come over to indiana to a town called chesterton i believe it's exit 26 on i94 they have a store with an indoor range they will even let you rent full auto and your girl can rent a handgun too oh yeah and to answere some of your other questions no tours or crap he'll make you read the rules and tell you a few things then he will let you go in the range here is the website to the place
  7. Robb

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    thanks for all the suggstions, we ended up going to a range in springfield,ill on our way to chicago. It was a great experience, my g/f loved it :) i wish we had a range around here, id go every week.

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