LOVE Any guys here used an aneros?


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Mar 20, 2004
Was looking at them girlfriend wants me to get one. Is all the hype on the website true or is it just marketing? Anyone here have experiance with them?

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Jun 3, 2004
Dirty Canada
Was looking at them girlfriend wants me to get one. Is all the hype on the website true or is it just marketing? Anyone here have experiance with them?
From what i've been reading from others on here... it's stunning... amazing... pick a few hundred thousand other adjectives for "good" and you've just about covered it.

Pen Is Mightier

I heard they were fucking bomb, i want to get one for when I'm not getting any action. :hs:


I had one at one point.

It was....amazing, to be quite honest. I got rid of it because the gift giver was ah, on the naughty list so the toy carried a stigma.

It's the best money you can spend, as far as a toy for a guy goes.

It certainly takes some getting used to if you are just venturing into the anal stimulation realm, but well worth the learning curve.

PS. A lot of slip-n-slide to be used with it.


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Oct 7, 2008
I purchased the MGX model a couple years ago, and unfortunately never had any luck with it. It seemed to me like the potential was there, but it could never quite hit the spot for me. I'm used to anal play, and know the feeling I get on my prostate, but it almost seemed like the MGX wasn't quite long enough, or maybe it just wasn't at the right angle for me, or not an aggressive enough shape for my body. I tried heating it up to modify the angle (as several people suggest on the aneros forums), and could feel it a little bit better, but still not enough. So, I tried doing it again, and got a little overzealous and one of the arms melted off. Oh well. Some of the newer models seem like they might do a better job for me, but it's hard to want to drop another $65 on a toy that I don't know if it'll work for me or not. I guess in short, the answer is... it depends on your body's shape.

Pen Is Mightier

I'm going to convince my BF to buy at least one of these. :eek4: They look/sound fucking sweet...I've been reading reviews online. :eek3:


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May 31, 2003
Got one from my SS last year. Took some getting used to but I can hands-free with it now, more or less. It's not exactly a normal orgasm without manual stimulation but its...interesting. A unique thing. If you use it and your hand or whatever its somewhere between a little better and a whole hell of a lot better than without it.


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Aug 31, 2006
I've used the Nexus Glide which is part of the Nexus line that competes with the Aneros line of prostate stimulation devices. It works well for prostate stimulation as I would imagine that the Aneros line would. If that is what you are after, then I don't know that there is anything out there that is better designed for that. Some people complain that the Aneros ones have both the little arms pointing forward whereas the Nexus ones have one arm forward and one backward to allow for rocking. I haven't mastered the hands-free orgasm yet, but the prostate stimulation is great.

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