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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by O'Fuck, Jan 28, 2007.

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    My first real try at being with someone like me... it was bad. Our good times were unbelievably amazing. Our bad times... were hell.

    I move to a new state... start another serious one, surprise she's bipolar too. As these things go... I figure we can work it out.

    Ended up being almost identical to the other one, in every way. We're just in heaven all the time... yet every now and then, for no real reason... it turns to chaos. Really really bad chaos.

    Now... I'm in this great relationship. We get along perfect. We don't have any real fights.

    But... its that same shit. We're both just too damn crazy. We're all stupidly in love all the time... but every now and then, boom... everything explodes for no apparent reason.

    I guess the answer here is pretty obvious. I'm just wondering if anyone else has made a situation work when both involved are bipolar. I keep thinking its "the one" that will work. I love this girl and can't imagine leaving her but... how many times can I repeat this shit.

    p.s. i hate being all emo so i'll probably delete this soon :hs:
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    Been there done that. You can't take it personally.

    You said it yourself man, when times are good, they are amazing. If the good times outway the bad then go for it. If you hold grudges or worry about it things will decay and you will grow apart.

    I had a girl tell me this exact quote, "There are bad times, but when things are good, they are fucking amazing, better than anything else - and that makes it worth it." In response to why she put up with the bipolar stuff.

    Just don't be a child and hold things against you/her. Let go. When the bad times pass immediately put them behind you and don't dwell!

    During good times, talk about how you can do things different the next time things go south.
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    if you can openly talk about your problems together, you can definitely get to the point of handling them with minimal chaos. develop a plan to get away from each other when shit goes bad for about 10-15 minutes to help cool down, and then approach each other with sincerity.

    i dated a bipolar girl. we went to a couple's communication class together and it helped us tremendously.

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