Any suggestions on what to look for on a used Jetta?

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Mikey D, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. Mikey D

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    Oct 13, 2002
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    Royal Oak, MI
    I'm looking at buying a used Jetta somewhere in the 2000-2003 model range.

    Any thing to watch out for? Any certain models you recommend? Any other tips you can provide I'd appreciate.

    Lease runs out on my truck next year and I'm trying to buy something that's cheaper on gas, insurance, and payments.
  2. GoGophers

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    Apr 8, 2002
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    Lots-o-Lakes, USA

    Get the 1.8T, avoid the 8v.
  3. Volkl

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    Sep 3, 2003
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    Chicagoish, IL
    Advice? Look elsewhere
  4. Zardoz

    Zardoz Guest

    Jetta TDI

    The diesel will have a good resale so it might cost alittle more. If the car is close to 80k it will need a timeing belt at 80 to 100k depending on year model. Don't slack on mantanince and you will get 300k on the diesel at 34-50 mpg depending on transmition and driving.
  5. F1fan

    F1fan Guest

    Service records if possible. There have been some quality control issues at VW with the Jetta (manufactured in Mexico) and repairs can be costly. They depreciate rather steeply so you should be able to negotiate a decent price. I would also look for one with as much warranty left as possible. Just recently sold a 2000 VR6, fun to drive but the nagging problems were a PITA.

    The VR6 has great get up and go, but is not good on gas it also has a tendancy to run rough in cold weather. The base engine is gutless and no fun to drive. The 1.8t is probably the best bang for the buck. The TDI gets great gas mileage but I do not have any experience with living with one. Check out some of the VW forums.

    I would get one with the sport package also. The non-sport is just has way to much body roll (the sport still has body roll but not as pronounced). The other option is to get a non-sport package car and change out the suspension (this is the best option) as all the Jetta's are too softly sprung IMO.
  6. flip2jetta

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    I'd say get a 1.8T, I bought mine used and it's my first non japanese import. Fun to drive and has power that you wouldn't expect. If you want the 180hp look for a AWP engine code other wise it will be only 150 horse power. regardless all 1.8s respond well to tunning and the power gains are there just mod correctly. I think what you'll have to work on most is the suspension. But, like F1fan said try to get one with as much warranty as possible so the known problems can be fixed when they arise, and from the stories I've heard these problems usually occur within the warranty period. MOST IMPORTANTLY DON'T FORGET TO CHECK THE CAR FAX ON ANY USED CAR BEFORE PURCHASING IT!

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