Any Tips For Advertising / Starting New Detailing Business.

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    Doing the work myself, instead of with another person. I orginally owned a deteailing business in my area that was very sucessfull but closed do to my co-owner moving on in life to fight professionally in the MMA. I was roughly profiting about $300 a week. A couple details, and only working a few days nothing overwhleming between the two of us.-- HOWEVER, as summer arrives I am going to open the business back up, and rebuild networks, etc.

    My inital plans are to start detailing at a great loss, around $30 per detail [inside & outside] + wax, clay, etc. To start building networks and customer bases. Also will be accepting tips, but not expecting to get them from the start until I tap into the right group of people. During these times, it's not the perfection of the work that matters me, but the economy making people short on money.

    Anyways, there's my backround, I've been doing this for two years+, and always had trouble finding customers as well. I do graphical design on the side as a profession, but need some info. What works best to get customers, I know word of mouth, but where do you start? Flyers? Coupons?

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    You're either dilusional or doing wash/vacs.

    If you're cleaning vents, headliners, dashes, radio buttons, map pockets, door jambs, seat rails, trunk jambs, wheel wells, etc., you should be charging $150 - $300 per car. And you shouldn't have to discount your business to get business. Good work gets good customers.

    Make a website. Promote it on craigslist. Rank high on Google for your city.

    Befriend owners of tint shops, body shops, repair shops, stereo shops, car clubs, and car dealerships. You can discount your work to "well connected" customers such as these.

    If there are message boards for car enthusiasts in your area, promote yourself there.

    One other alternative: work at a detail shop for the summer.

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