anybody got info on wireless headphones?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by eMango160, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. eMango160

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    i wanna pick up some wireless headphones for my computer system but i can't decide on which ones to get. I know i'm gonna end up spending about $60-$120 but i'm not sure which ones to get. Is there interference? how's the sound quality? thanks
  2. Low end Senheisser (sp?)

    Get a 900mhz model.

    Cause your bound to get brain cancer with those new 2.4gig models :eek: .

    As with any other audio/video product demo the ones your considering in store. Walk around the store with them on. Using the same cd and same output medim. SQ is a preference and not something that can me measured :p.
  3. eMango160

    eMango160 Guest

    thanks. i'm trying to find info on that brand but most of the stuff i'm coming up with is all DJ equipment. I was thinking about the Sony's? anybody have em?
  4. Link

    I think the second model would suit your needs?

    I would stay away from Sony wireless headphones. I'm not saying that they don't know make good headsets. But the only decent sounding RF units i've heard cost over $250.
  5. Wonka

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    I agree with the Sennheiser recommendation.

    The RS40 and RS45 can be had pretty cheap used/refurbished. If you can test them out, all the better.

    I haven't seen anything higher than the 45 used. I guess once you buy a pair of those, there is no going back. ;)
  6. Guest

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    There are phones that have a rating of 2.4Mhz. Should people steer clear from this due to radiation?

    Hell I avoid cell phones at all cost, but I never thought cordless phones were plagued with the same thing due to it's base and all.

    What's going on ? some info please..

    As well, I've been consdering some wireless headsets, the SONY theatre one (can't remember which one - sells for like $500) caught my eye. It claims to be on par with high end speaker sounds systems. :dunno:
  7. I saw a set of those Home theatres by Sony all I can say is

    :bowdown: .

    But the pair i saw were wired though. They were big and heavy but have I believe they have a multiple speaker inside though. It does reproduce the real 6 speaker setup.

    As for 2.4 gig; they run at a frequency higher than what your microwave does. Judge for yourself :eek:.
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  8. BobyYoo

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    i have the rs40 sehneiser... and all i have to say is that the sound is not that great... you can hear some buzz here and there...
    but i never tried other brand... so i dont know if they are better or not

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