GUN Anybody know anything about hunting with doctored fmj bullets?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by taco, Oct 10, 2003.

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    I am at school and was just informed by my roomate that I can go deer hunting tomorrow. All my guns are at home which is 540 miles away. He is going to hunt with his 30-06. He would let me borrow his m.95 steyr but the only problem is it shoots 8x56r which only has ammo available in fmj military surplus.

    So we got the bright idea that we can take a grinder and grind the tips off the fmj bullets and turn them into an expanding soft point.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this, do you think it will work, and do you think it is safe?

    I usually don't try dumb stuff like this but I don't have any other guns available to hunt with.

    My other option is to buy a m-44 for 60 bucks from a vintage gun dealer and I can buy 7.62x54 hunting ammo for that.
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    Go with option B.
  3. taco

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    Well my other roomate loaned me some old russian bolt action that shoots 7.62x54r and I found some generic soft point hunting ammo for it at a sporting goods store so I guess I am set for tomorrow.

    I did some research on doctored fmj and they have been done before by troops and people hunting and are called dum dums. They are better for hunting than fmj but they also sometimes have a problem with the jacket separating from the core and lodging itself in the barrel. So luckily I will not have to give these a try.
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    Changing the bullet profile is usually safe with exposed lead bullets, but as you found, with jacketed bullets, it's asking for trouble.

    7.62x54r shouldn't be too expensive, buy an extra box and put a few downrange to see where your borrowed rifle puts them. :wiggle:

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