Anyone else finding it harder to support local businesses?


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Jun 7, 2006
The Jersey Shore
Already anticipating the hate but it just seems most local businesses don’t do enough to thwart Amazon and Walmart from taking their customers.

For instance today I was looking to grab a few deadbolts from the local locksmith. Three of them were closed on weekends, two didn’t have the finish I wanted and one of them wanted $60/ea. when they sell for $39 at large B&M and Amazon.

Shopping local is just a hassle most of the time for one or more of the following reasons:
  • Low inventory
  • Exceedingly high prices
  • Ornery, unhelpful or uninformed staff
  • Slow service - usually lots of standing around or s
  • Terrible hours (no weekends?)
  • Idiot customers and employees alike that don’t understand how to wear a fucking ma

Dr. Mike

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Apr 3, 2020
San Diego
While you are 100% wrong, I will only concede that living in a touristy beach area means that everything local in my neighborhood is jacked up 500% to price rape out-of-towners. Annoying for those who live here.

I’d love to shop at our local Ace Hardware that’s 2 minutes from my place but instead I have to drive 15 minutes to Home Depot, where they don’t charge $15 for a 2x4 or $6 for a medium-sized moving box.

I support all my local businesses that are friendly to locals obviously.

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