Anyone else get their Christmas bonus in the form of their boss just handing you a pile of cash?

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Red Rocket
May 21, 2001
So far I have been given tomatos, jalapenos, and motor oil for christmas from customers.

But it's cool because I gave them all lemons from my tree
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Oct 5, 2003
We used to get ours as a written check for "expenses" even though we have amex business cards. So we'd have to make up a phony expense report for the dollar amount. I'm kind of glad we went to processing it through payroll now even though it's taxed.

Deleted member 84456

Nope I work for the state, they don't give us shit. Plus the fucks make us work the whole fucking day today. :madfawk:
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Jan 3, 2005
Nah I got $250 pre tax and just got a wine country gift basket in the mail. I don’t drink wine or eat any of these snacks that came in this thing 🙄


Michael Ronaldo Cristiano
Dec 20, 2001
I would appreciate a wad of cash right now. I had to replace my furance this week fuck this ghey earth


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May 17, 2002
No place for older men
Ah, I remember being the advertising manager for a small electronics company in the South Bay. I had a budget of something like 5 million for the year. This was for ad creation, placement, and such stuff. I didn't exactly know what I was doing, so I told each vendor - make me look good, and you'll get plenty of work. Make me look like an idiot and I'm gone.

And oh the Christmas presents. Many bottles of wine, bottles of liquor, gift cards for nice restaurants. A few of them wanted to personally kick back 10% of the money I spent with them to me personally. I didn't go that far. I even fired an ad agency that one of the senior vice-presidents was connected to. Gosh he was angry. He brought them back for 'a special project' and I fired them again. Soon after, the VP got me an assistant. Which I knew meant - tell her how to do everything, and once she's found her footing, we'll fire you. I even told her this. And she was weeping on the day I got the axe. Which I thought was very sweet.
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