ART Anyone ever been to Rock the Bells? Need camera suggestions.


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Mar 15, 2000
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I'll be heading to Rock the Bells (outdoor concert) for the first time this year and I've been reading the FAQ to see what can be brought. It states that you can't bring in professional photo gear which I'm assuming is everything with an interchangeable lens. I have a Panasonic GF2 M43 and with the 20mm pancake lens, it may pass for a P&S but I don't want to risk getting it confiscated.

Has anyone been to Rock the Bells? I'm sure a point and shoot is fine, but all the ones with decent zooms only shoot JPEG, and I want RAW. Do you guys think superzoom cameras will be ok? I'm just afraid that since they are nearly as large as a DSLR, it'll get confiscated.


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Dec 21, 2001
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Feb 14, 2007
While I understand the tone and context that this was written in, and Rockwell is a faggot troll, I actually agree in some ways

If you understand exposure and can nail it, for the right application JPG is perfect.

There's a guy who runs a huge sport photography business that shoots in in every city in our state and makes a mint. It's sport, with a super fast workflow, so they shoot JPG of

There was a discussion about film and he was impressed that we shoot on colour slide because nobody really learns to unless they have to for their industry (well, I had to for college).

He said one of his first questions to job applicants is to ask if they have shot on colour slide. It teaches you to fucking NAIL exposure in-camera because it's pretty much the most unforgiving medium that you can shoot on. It really teaches you exposure if you learn it thoroughly.

He doesn't want his PP-ers to have to adjust exposure or other bullshit you should be able to get in-camera. He wants his shots nailed on the spot and online or ready to be previewed and ordered almost before the event is over.

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