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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by djbuzzfuzz, Jan 2, 2007.

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    So, since i have had my comp(bout 6 years now)Ive ALWAYS had to hold the power and the reset button in order to get it to come back on after turning it off.
    It seems to be getting worse and worse.
    Routine goes like this......
    Before leaving for a week or so, i would turn the comp off(start/turn off computer ETC)
    Reach behind the comp and switch the power switch to off)
    week or so later, come back i have to hold the power button and reset button for like a minute or two/let the 2 go/reach behind and switch teh power back on, and HOPE it works.
    Lately, i have had to do it 5 or 6 times to get it to come back on.

    Anyone have any i deas?

    Isnt there a way to press and hold F11 or F7 and it will automatically go to the safe mode screen while its booting up?
    I get the normal short beep when i press to power button to turn it on.
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    stop using that computer now. mine done that for a while, then my power supply blew and toasted my mainboard. i still have no good computer. running on a POS now while a gather parts to build my own
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    Sounds like a hardware issue and since it's related to power, I'd assume that it's your PSU. Try buying a replacement one for $30 bucks and narrow the problem down.

    It's possible theres an issue with some wiring in your case (wires that connect to your main board), but I'd try the PSU as it's the easier to replace and often times a problematic source for machines.

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