Anyone good with Windows Server 2003 Yet? Got a question about EFS.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by jdub12, Jun 6, 2003.

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    Trying to get EFS set up on my NTFS partition and i have a few questions about doing it and about its security. First off, Im trying to back up my certs and private keys, but when i go into the mmc and add the group policy snap in, and try to add a recovery wants me to provide it to the user that has be designated as the revoery agent or the certificates. Well im on the only account to the computer and its the admin account...not sure why its not showing up on the list...and im not seeing any certs when i do a find .cer so i cant have it browse to anything. Anyone know whats wrong here and how to get the admin account designated as a recovery agent so i can backup the damn certs and keys?

    I can backup the admin cert, but its just a general cert to encrypt files...and i cant find one that is for the EFS. Not sure whats going on here, but im kinda confused....all i really want to do is back up the keys and certs for the encrypted folder and its contents to a floppy so i can put it in a safe place.

    I was also wondering how the security of the EFS system actually holds up to theft? What if i encrypt all the data on the hdd. Well someone steals the machine...they cant boot it up cause its passworded...ok so they take out the hdd and put it into another ntfs working computer with its own hdd and make my servers hdd the slave... Cant they just access the hard drive and get the certificates and private keys and import them to their machine and whala...they can not decrypt all my one encrypted files? Seems logical enough right..but theres gotta be some preventitive to this..can anyone explain? Thanks for your guys' time. Ive read almost everything on msdn, and microsoft and the windows server 2003 help and i cant find out a damn thing to help my situation. I followed all the directions but none of them apply or work...someone has got to know. :) Thanks again

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