GUN Anyone have any experience with Benelli?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by L Jay, Aug 15, 2008.

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    I recently started skeet shooting on a more regular basis and have decided it is time to pickup a semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun.

    I have been searching around online looking and reading about various guns and the Beneli shotguns caught my eye.

    I'm looking more specifically at the Super Sport II. The only thing holding me from ordering one is the fact that I won't be able to try one before I purchase it. There isn't a Benelli dealer around me and I will end up ordering it online and having it transferred to my local gun shop.

    I'm looking for any feedback regarding Benelli, as well as any other 12 gauge semi-auto recommendations.

    Thanks :wavey:
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    I shoot benelli's for 3 gun. I also have a lot of experience with Remington 1100's. The benelli is by far the best semi auto shotgun. I like it because it is very reliable, light weight, and very simple mechanism. In fact the bolt is very similar to an AR-15 bolt. You do not have to keep them super clean like the remington 1100's. There is no o-ring to break like on the 1100 that will stop your shotgun dead.

    Specificly I shoot the benelli m1 super 90. The m1's are better then the m2's but the m1's are no longer in production and had to find. In fact they are so popular they go used for as much as a new m2.

    Going rate on a benelli is $700 - 1200 depending on model, condition, and the way the gun is set up

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