A&P anyone have experience with the Canon 100mm and 180mm macro lenses?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by MelloBoy, Feb 11, 2005.

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    Looking to go for a macro lens very soon and was wondering if anyone's had experience with either the 180mm L macro lens or the 100mm macro lens? i know typically, macro lenses are higher quality than your run of the mill lens since they're more specialized, but how are the sharpness and color saturation? 180mm too long for a 300D?

    also, for 1.6x FOV sensors, will say..a 5mm object be 5mm long on the frame? or is it scaled up to 8mm, or scaled down to 3mm?

    thanks :)

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    I have the 100 Macro. It's a very sharp lens, probably the sharpest I own. Color is ok, very similar to the 85 1.8, but you can always PP to acheive the color you're looking for.

    As for the 1.6X sensor, a 5mm object will always be 5mm.

    Here's a shot I took recently with the 100 2.8

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    when working in macro photography, the DOF is so small that its easier to see what is in tact focus. I would say that macro lenses by themselves are sharper, but appear that way because of what they do. The 100 is probably the most common becuase it gives you leeway to move around the object. The 180, while sharper and a better overall lens, is somewhat limiting in how close you can be. The 50mm is a little too small for most.

    The difference between a macro and regular lens if the plane of focus. On a normal lens the plane of focus is somewhat circular (not all the way obviously), but do a test of a flat object trying to acheive perfect tact sharpness on the entire image and it won't happen. Macro lenses are designed for doing copy work and the like, wo the plane of focus has to be a perfect rectangle, meaning everywhere in the frame that is the same distance away will be tact sharp.

    With that being said, the 100 and a set of extension tubes and close up filters is a better way of going than the 180

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