MMA anyone have marcelo garcia X guard book

Discussion in 'OT Bar' started by kroneX, Dec 12, 2008.

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    I am thinking about buying this book, so have any of you guys got it?

    Does he focus only on the x guard and the sweeps and submissions from it or does he also do some closed guard and diff open guard stuff like spider guard and de la riva guard or butterfly guard. I know most of the stuff will be on x guard, but i am just curious

    Secondly is the book worth it? does it go over everything in detail ?

    Thirdly where can i find a good book or dvd on the de la riva guard.

    Thank you all!
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    Vancouver, Canada
    I picked up the book prior to a seminar he did up here. It's well written and laid out in a fairly easy to digest manner. I didn't find it hard to work through at all.

    It mostly deals with setups to get into the x-guard and sweeps from there. It covers a bit of butterfly guard and some submissions from both there and the x-guard. It also has a spattering of anecdotes relating to his competitive career that I found very insightful.

    The only de la riva stuff I've encountered so far has been from the SBGi series 3 tapes. :dunno:
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    261 pages. 106/261 is on the Butterfly guard. A couple page on basic positioning & grip. About 17 sweeps. 7 subs.

    About the x-guard, about 60 pages how to position yourself for x-guard. 19 types of sweeps. 7 subs from x-guard.

    The book does help explain how to get to x-guard from certain guards. No spider or de la riva.

    This book is worth it to me since my instructor never taught us x-guard nor have I taken a private class on it.

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