GUN Anyone heard of this? v.Federal Ammo


Buttslut sighting
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Sep 16, 2003
Federal reps over the new policy that threatens to cut everyone out of the ammo - Federal refuses to ship HST, HydraShok, Gold Dot 50 round boxes, even Speer Lawman hardball to distributors and dealers.
In order to buy this ammo a department P.O. has to go directly to Federal and they will ship to the department.

Time to stock up like hell if its true


Buttslut sighting
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Sep 16, 2003
Meaning you wouldnt be able to buy any Federal Ammo since its all going to be shipped directly to depts instead of going through dealers or distributors


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Oct 26, 2003

Sounds pretty unlikely to me but you never know, why stop now after years or offering it to the public?


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Jan 9, 2005
I dont understand, what is the issue they're trying to fight against? I dont understand in how you're explaining it.

Is it just going to be their new policy, or when you say "over the new policy" is it something their doing in response to some new policy out there?

I find it kind of hard to believe, considering when MD had hearings over the serializing of ammo, Federal showed up and said they'd stop all sales to the state if this took effect, including LE. There was another ammo rep there that said the same thing.

Its weird they would make that statement, then follow suit with something like this.


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Mar 26, 2008
Ventura California
Could possibly be part of a contract with several PD's where they get exclusive sales of said ammo. Some PD's like that stuff, civilian market and civilian sales of defensive ammo is much less than a few major PD contracts. Again this is speculation on my part. I could ask a sales rep at shot show. We are looking starting to do more law enfocement stuff. Have some local swat teams that are very interested into going with doctor sights on their glocks.


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The 25rd boxes suck too. I understand that the premium rounds cost more to make, but I really hate paying for pointless overhead like the nonstandard packaging and other things that drive up the cost with no benefit to me. It's not like the better rounds are that much more "dangerous" that they need to be kept out of the hands of the general public anyway... In fact, I suspect that the ammo manufacturers would make more money overall through volume if they were priced at a reasonable premium over standard 50/100rd packages...

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