CAR Anyone here ordering a Rivian?


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Feb 4, 2007
Denver, CO
Would love to be able to afford one. I have a friend with an R1T on order, and will let him beta test this whole thing while I wait for the R2T or their Wrangler-fighter.
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May 4, 2010
Dallas Tx
Tesla figured it out. It looks like Rivian is figuring it out. If anything it seems like it's harder for legacy automakers to build BEVs that can compete on price/range and are reliable (see: Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf) than it is for EV startups to figure out how to make cars. The knowledge of "how to build a car" has been around and refined for 100+ years. The knowledge of how to build a proper BEV has been around for like 15 years.

Not everyone wants something F150-sized either. R1T is somewhere between an F150 and Tacoma in size. It also has a larger battery pack option with 400+ miles of range whereas the F150 only gets 300. I prefer Rivian's interior design/styling too.

Tesla cars are cheaply built with not a high level of standard for fit and finish, Rivian on the other hand has spent 3 years driving their vehicles all over the world trying to break them to make them the best vehicle possible for longevity and fit and finish prior to launch....The big question: did Ford's 1billion investment into Rivian get them access to Rivian's designs and patents, ehr go, the ford lightning is a Rivian underneath....that's a question I'd love to know.


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Feb 11, 2005
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You do realize that chasing the battery improvement curve will be a 20-year endeavor, yes?

And while newer cars will come with newer battery tech, the aging battery tech will be available for replacement and cheap(er) upgrades for aging vehicles.

You'll be waiting until gasoline extinction.
Leaf battery doubled in juice in 7yrd


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Mar 31, 2004
Sure. does it really matter on panel gaps at the end of the day? :hsugh:



May 30, 2021
I'm sticking with gas vehicles until every "gas" station has replaced over 50% of their pumps with standardized EV charging bays that work with any ev.
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Sep 3, 2003
For me, buying any new car is a waste of money , putting your cash into a depreciating asset is ridiculous, lease new cars only.

the fact that rivian isnt' leasing for me doens't work, i'm picking up the ford f150 lightning , they're leasing from day 1.

Any car company that isnt' leasing is just saying that they dont have confidence in their future values

all of you tesla boys in here, stating that they're still holding their value, and the leaf's and the bolts, yes they are, AND all of those companies LEASE their cars.

Anyone who buys any new car is a fool.

Lease what depreciates
Buy what appreciates

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