WEB anyone here work at namecheap?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by White Stormy, Dec 4, 2008.

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    they're running this twitter trivia contest, but I've been cheated out of winning at least three times. wtf?

    on namecheap.com the rules say "First three to reply to the twit with the correct answer will get a $9.69 credit to their NameCheap account." They later changed the rules (though they still have not been changed on namecheap.com) to "Winners selected 1st = first post. 2nd = random within 3 mins. 3rd = random within 10 mins."

    But at least twice my answer was in before ALL THREE of the posted winners.

    Here's proof for the third one (look at the timestamps):

    I posted two twitter replies to namecheap asking them about it, but 16 hours later I haven't heard anything back. They have replied to other people's replies in just a few minutes. Aggravating.

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