Anyone know a lot about scanners and printers?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by verbal, Feb 1, 2008.

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    I have an HP Photosmart 5280 All in one and I love it. Been printing photos like crazy. But I'm a little frustrated...

    I have a photo that I want to copy. If I put it in the scanner and use the 'reprint photos' button, copys come out almost perfect compared to the original photo.

    I want to scan and save the same photo so I don't need the original if I want to make another copy. I've spent the last two hours scanning with numerous settings and the photo looks so much worse when scanning to a file and printing-- all with the same HP All in one.

    I've tried scanning up to 600 DPI, JPG and PDF, sharpness off and up to medium. There was also a 'extreme color' setting I turned off which made the colors better. After each setting change I rescanned and reprinted. BUT the prints don't even compare to copying the photo directly from the printer. When I went up to 600 dpi it actually made it look worse than at 300 dpi.

    I guess I could just store the original photos in a safe place for when I want copies, but it would be nice and easy to just have a scan instead of worrying about the original.

    I sent an email to HP asking for the scanner settings when using the 'reprints photos' button. Does anyone know how I could find out what settings are used? Or know how to get better results?
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    I assume you already have, but still have to ask. Did you change the scan type in the settings to be a photo and not a doc/etc.

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