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    Long story short, I work for a large food industry company with roughly 93 restaurants. We were bought out a while back by a holding company, who recently decided to merge us with a Mid-East/East Coast food chain and move our corporate office to Memphis. We still have our regional office here but it's been downsized a ton.

    Which brings us to now... This new company has a shitty reporting structure thats 10 years old, the program we use for data pulls and financial reports looks like something I used in my Jr. High computer class. For some reason their stupid IT department won't give use back-end Oracle access so we can develop are own SQL reports. Before we could do simple reports like Labor Cost % of all stores, Sales and Revenue summaries, etc. in 5 min with a simple query of our various data tables. Now we have to log onto a intranet website and actually copy and paste this information into Notepad and import it into Excel, its ridiculous. They actually contract out these reports because I guess their IT dept is too stupid to organize the data themselves.

    Sooooo, our Controller asked me and my boss to look into some BI programs that he could present to the CFO and higher ups so we could easily track our analytical and ad hoc reports that are required from various departments. One of the ones we were looking at was QlikTech, as well as some of the other popular ones such as Hyperion and Business Objects. I'm in finance and have some basic VBA knowledge and can run queries and such, but have no where near the expertise of someone in a high level IT position. So my question is does anyone have any insight or experience with the various BI programs. What would you recommend to a restaurant chain company that pulls large amounts of data from its stores daily and which is used to create reports based on data related to revenues and costs coming from various departmental codes.

    Just something I thought I'd throw out to OT, I've been doing some research on the various comparison sites online as well. Sorry if left out some information, I'm more of a finance guy than IT but our regional office has no more IT so we basically take care of everything here now related to data, numbers, and computer problems for the 50 year olds that don't know where the start menu is ~_~

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