Anyone listen to the "Throughline" podcase from NPR?

Sam Gamgee

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Oct 5, 2001
Western MA
I listen to NPR every morning, and last Friday, they had a special episode about Frederick Douglass (about how he was born a slave, and ended up escaping to freedom and found his place in the fight for voting rights for black people). He died at the beginning of the Reconstruction.

Anyway, that episode was a Throughline podcast episode. So, I decided to check out the podcast. The intent of the podcast is to look at history and try to help understand how those events shaped how the US operates today. It talks about how the Electoral College came to be. Or how Vladimir Putin came from obscurity to become the President of Russia, or how Billie Holiday was villianized by the US government, and eventually targeted by the government because of her controversial song "Strange Fruit" (and how that became the start of the war on drugs).

From someone who did not enjoy history in school, this podcast makes history very interesting.

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