SRS Anyone ready for more quasi-drama concerning my son and my ex?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by SovietRussia, Dec 21, 2005.

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    Ok, so I was supposed to take my son for festivus (friday dec. 23) at about 8pm. ok fine, so my family will have a little christmas thing on the 23rd, no big deal with me. my mom invited some family over, i must have told her my son was coming earlier. I got a job today, and have to work til 10pm on the 23rd. i told my mom my son would not be over till 8 or 830. she was pretty bummed about that and wanted me to try and get him more like 6 or 7. i called my ex, and told her i had to work til 10 and that my mom was hoping my son could come over around 6 or 7 (to hang out with the fam). she (my ex) told me that wasnt happening. so i gave in, because i didnt want to get into a fight. so now my mom is disappointed, and im bummed because of it, i get to see my son for about 8 hours (in the morning) on christmas eve, but at least my ex is happy. :hsd:

    thoughts? ideas?
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    what the heck. do you ever get to see him besides that?
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    Your in a difficult situation , one bird in the hand is better then 10 in the sky i gues in this case. Just take what you have qua time that you have with your son, during these busy days no one is willing to change time tables anyway, so i gues you'll have to wait till 2006 starts, before you can try to convince her to allow you to have more father-son time. If your mom starts to complain or ask difficult questions about it' just say, that was all the time i could get, i got a new job, my ex is busy and such and such is arranged with the custody and that you are happy you still have (x) hours on (day this and that) to spend with your son. End of story, nothing more you can change or do about it.
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    What kind of legal arrangement do you and your ex have worked out?

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