Anything wrong with using a cheap buffer?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by jdhommert, Jul 8, 2008.

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    If it says it is a random orbit style buffer, is that ok to use for swirl removing and such? Do I need to by a PC? I'm not sure what the diffrences are between a regular random orbit buffer, and a PC. If someonecould explain the diffrences, and why the PC is better, that would be great :)

    The description of the one im looking at says random orbit, anti vibration 60hz, .65 amps, 2600 rpm, shock absortion. Its 20 bucks.

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    Cheap buffers just aren't going to correct the paint, nor do you have a wide choice of pads. All they are good for is applying wax.

    PC has a 3.7 amp motor, top speed of 6000 OPM (oscillations per minute). The UDM (Ultimate Detailing Machine) and the Meguiars G110 both have 4.2 amp motors and a top speed of 6000 OPM for the UDM and I think the G110 has a slightly higher maximum speed. Works out to about 20% more power for either one vs the PC.

    This Autogeek page has a lot of information that should help you out:

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