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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by bigman7903, Mar 9, 2009.

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    I have some preliminary questions about possibly stretching my apadravya.

    I got it pierced middle of last may, so 10 months of healing is coming up soon. I still get a little bit of crust here and there, but nothing consistent and I rarely notice it unless the temperature drops drastically and I shrink on up. I had it pierced at 10ga.

    1) How long do you suggest waiting to stretch after the initial piercing?

    2) Do you suggest stretching it myself via the purchase of a taper that screws into the 8ga barbell, or just going and paying my piercer to do it?

    - If you suggest doing it myself, what procedure would you suggest? I've read about the use of lubing the barbell/taper with astroglide or other sex lube and doing it after a hot shower or soak.

    3) What type of barbell should I purchase? I don't know exactly what I have now (I know, stupid me), but i'm willing to bet it's stainless. I'm not too concerned about the size, i'm more concerned about what material you suggest. (titanium v. steel [wtf is the difference between anatometal, industrial strength, LeRoi, etc?])

    4) How long does it take to re-heal a stretched piercing? I'd eventually like to get down to a 4 or 6 gauge barbell.

    Thanks, I appologize in advance for my general ignorance.
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    Hopefully someone will give you advice as I have a PA and I want to know a bit about this.
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    honestly I'm a firm believer in letting your piercer do the stretching. I put my faith in my piercer and got my ears stretched to 1 inch in a year without any problems at all. a good piercer knows whats best for you and will save you the trouble. most of the time if you buy the jewelry from them the stretching is reduced in price or free.

    edit: as far as healing goes, treat it like a fresh piercing, give it a month or so before any serious sexual activity.

    edit2: and you should be ready to stretch since its been 10 months. some piercings just always get crusties.
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    After 10 months you should be fine. Mine still gets crusties after several years (and several stretches).

    I did my stretches by myself.

    Get a barbell taper and an internally threaded barbell. The taper will screw onto the bar.

    I used KY the first time and then astroglide the second - didn't seem to make a difference. I tried neosporin once. Not a good idea.

    After a shower and soak I unscrewed the top ball of my piercing, lubed up the new jewelry and taper and "chased" the old barbell out with the taper. Once the taper was safely in the piercing I added more lube (some of them my own tears) and slowly worked the jewelry in. I tried to work some of the lube into the piercing bu "pistoning" the taper in and out and twisting to spread the lube. Slow and easy.

    I can tell you that 12 > 10 was pretty easy. 10 > 8 literally brought a tear to my eye the first time I tried it. I had to stop half way through and try it a different time. It may not seem like that big of a difference in size but there is a lot of flesh there that needs to be stretched. Mine may have been complicated due to scar tissue because I removed my apadravya once and then had it repierced.
    316LVM Stainless. Internally threaded I buy all of my jewelry and supplies from www.bodycircle.com

    I waited a full 6 months between stretches. Like I said 10 was easy, 8 brought a tear to my eye and 6 left me laying in the fetal position on the floor. Here's a thread I made about trying to make the jump to 6 ga. http://forums.offtopic.com/showthread.php?t=4040142 :noes: I would like to end up at 4 but holy shit when the 6 arrived in the mail and I looked at it I was a little shocked at the size.
    No worries. Discolusre statement - I am not a professional but I do have experience with the procedure. I'm sure AB will chime in here and correct any misinformation I may have given.

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