Apple launches iTunes Afilliates Program

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    You’re invited to partner with iTunes - the world’s #1 music download store. To date, iTunes has sold over 125 million songs, providing music fans with the best digital music experience on PC or Mac. Now you can be part of the excitement by joining the iTunes Affiliate Program.*

    As an iTunes Affiliate, you can:

    [​IMG]Link directly from your website to any song, album or artist on iTunes.
    iTunes offers the largest and most diverse legal music download catalog — over 1 million tracks from all five major labels and over 600 leading independents.

    [​IMG]Link directly from your website to over 8,000 audiobooks and popular public radio programs including “This American Life with Ira Glass,” “Fresh Air with Terry Gross,” “Car Talk,” and more.

    [​IMG]Download Apple-designed marketing materials to post on your website and incorporate into email communications.

    [​IMG]Earn 5% commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links posted on your website to iTunes.

    [​IMG]Receive the iTunes Affiliate Newsletter and stay up-to-date on new releases, special promotions, and more.

    [​IMG]Apply to the Apple Store Affiliate Program, with a wide selection of exciting products, including the best-selling iPod and iPod mini.
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    thanks for the heads up.

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