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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by TheWeasel, Mar 5, 2008.

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    Sent my MacBook Pro in for servicing. Lots of random kernel panics even after several clean installs of 10.5. They ended up replacing the SuperDrive and both fans. They pulled the extra 1GB of RAM I had in the machine cause it wasn't Apple original and gave it back to me in a plastic bag. When I got home I found that the machine still has 2GB of RAM. Guess they forgot their testing RAM in it. Just checked the battery too. Use to only retain about 45% of it's original charge and have over 300 charge cycles on it. New one has only 5 charge cycles on it and almost 100% of the original capacity. Now I just hope that replacing the SuperDrive was all it needed to resolve the kernel panic issues. Both fans were replaced because there was a weird high-pitch whine that only went away when you 2-finger scrolled.
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    thats cool. i sent in my macbook a week after i got it, for video issues. they gave me a new battery for some reason :dunno:
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