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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by no7fish, Nov 15, 2006.

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    So I want to build an AR for my dad's X-mas present this year....

    I know it all depends on what you want in a rifle, etc, but I have been looking for price mostly. I found SARCO has some original issue parts kits for the M16 (pre-A1) along with some other stuff.

    Question is, how much would I need to finish one of these?

    I am not familiar enough with the bill of materials for an AR/M16 to know how much it is lacking.

    Is it as simple as buying a bare lower and throwing the parts on it for "kit #1"
    How about the second one, would I just need complete lower and some furniture?

    I'm really just fishing for a little education right now, it seems like too good of a price to be true if I can really build an AR for that little money....

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    If I'm reading correctly, and recalling my law correctly, you will not be able to possess the disconnector, or selector in that kit. A M16 bolt carrier is okay to use, but IIRC, all other trigger parts will still be considered "machineguns" if they are from a M16, even though by themselves they won't allow full auto fire. That's why they state that " all NFA rules apply".

    Kit #2 ought to be ok, you just need to go to and find yourself an A1 lower, lower parts kit, bolt, carrier, charging handle, and furniture.

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