Are flat panel LCD TVs really THAT bad?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 4bangin, Dec 28, 2003.

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    My TV has been going to shit lately so for christmas my parents decided to buy me a new one. Right now I have a 30" (I think it's 30) POS Proscan. But the thing is my bedroom was originally a bonus room, so it sucks. About 4' off the floor the ceiling slants (i'll get a pic if needed for some reason). So If I got just a regular tube tv it would stick a few feet into my room. But they got me a 23" flat panel so that I can just hang it on the wall.

    Now. Am I really going to be disappointed? I always see negative comments on OT about lcd and plasma tvs. Should I see if they will exchange it for a larger tv and just deal with it sticking out? I havnt recieved it yet. They were out of stock and I don't pick it up until the 16th of Jan. I know it i sa huge step up from what I have now, but what would you all do?
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    what kind is it?
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    LCD TV is better than plasma, but more expensive. You could get a 42" plasma for the price of a 30" LCD. You can get a pretty flat big screen tv that uses DLP or something like that. They are relatively thin and won't have burn in problems like regular tv and plasma.

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