TECH Are these temps too hot for an OC'ed Sandy Bridge?


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Oct 4, 2001
New Albany, IN
So after seeing this thread and posting in it I decided to use the overclock button on my motherboard. Before going to bed last night I decided to run Prime95 just to see what would happen and I think the temps Ive been getting are kinda high. My cores have gone from anywhere b/w 70-85 (83 is the highest Ive seen I think), core 0 and 3 being usually lower than 1 and 2. Using google I am seeing people saying different stuff, some saying below 80 and others saying below 75, however some of the stuff I am seeing is for people who have it overclocked more than I do and I have to assume they aren't using just air like I am.

I am using OC'ed to 4.2 w/ arctic silver (I dont think I got it spread around evenly)


My idle temps and temps while playing games before starting Prime95 didn't look any much higher than they were before OC'ing, and really I don't think anything I am going to be doing will ever get my temps up this high, but still... Does anyone better than me at this kind of stuff think thats too high? For now I am going to stop Prime95, maybe Ill run it for the amount of time that I should some other time.

edit: Uhhhh literally the second I stopped running Prime95 SpeedFan said my cores dropped down to ~45 degrees and within five seconds they were back to idling temperatures. Sooo... were the high temperature readings wrong or are they really not cooled off that fast by stopping Prime95?

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