are those digital cable descramblers legit?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by hoju22, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. hoju22

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    the ones you see on ebay, they actually work? thinkin of gettin one.
  2. dka

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    Mar 19, 2000
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    they don't work and they are illegal. So i would stay away from them
  3. Rolling through a stop sign is illegal.
    Spitting your gum on the sidewalk is illegal.
    Underage drinking is illegal.
    Smoking weed is illegal.
    Its only illegal when you get caught.
  4. RoyMunson78

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    So does anyone know if this Digital Cable Filters really work? Will the cable company be able to found out all the PPV purchases you've made when if you have to return the box?
  5. actually I read that they are perfectly legal (especially concidering you can buy them from your cable company) just so long as you let them know you have one... they charge you accordingly thou. Its just that you save yourself having to buys theres. You can make one for like 15 bucks
  6. nkwu

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    whoa..I didnt know Digital Cable had this

    So can someone help a newbie out to this. How exactly do these things work?
  7. Post a pic/link of what your reffering to.

    If it's just a in-line filter; there only good for a short term basis. Because as soon the digital cable box reaches it's ordering limit it shuts down. Then when you remove it fromt the line your DCB sends all your orders to the company.
  8. plat

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    Nov 2, 2003
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    those "digital cable filters" are nothing more then a simple high pass filter you can buy at radio shack for less then a dollar. all they do is trap frequencies below 50 so the box cant talk back to the headend. as stated above, once you order a certain amount of ppv's and the box cant report them it shuts down, then you have to pay for all the ppv's you bought. ;) so not only does some guy sell you a $1 part to you for $20-$50 you also have a huge cable bill to pay off.

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