ARGH...hate being so picky about a subwoofer...

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Drunk Bastard Audio, Feb 20, 2003.

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    Finally, I'm down to the final two choices and I'm waiting word on one on possible coil configurations.

    Shocker Audio Signature 18"...a 86lb beast meant for brutality...but from my research, it lacks in the sq dept..which I do want some sq being it's a daily driver setup...and heard the Mike isn't known for his great customer service...but currently has a sweet pre-order price and this will most likely be the last production run of the Signatures, as Earthquake patented the Shocker Audio name.

    Beyond Audio Inhuman 18"...susposedly a great sq sub that can get awesome spl response in the right enclosure...I'm awaiting Don's word on a possibly dual 1 ohm configuration for it...being they are only offered in quad 1 ohm or dual 2 ohm configs....but Don is looking into offering the dual 1 config...also you got the choice of single, double or triple spiders, copper or aluminum coils...basically, you get to pick the options on this sub..which is a major bonus, and Don is known for his customer service and willingness to help anyone.

    So if Don gets back to me and says I can get the Inhuman in dual 1 config...then I'm putting in my order :) if not, then I still need to debate on the Sig...still need to talk to a few more people about the actual sq of the Sig before I make my final decision on it.

    But I'm one step closer to finally having 90% of the equipment I need for my new install :)
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    i like the shocker earthquake stuff for spl

    im assuming the shocekr audio is the old atomic thunder but im not sure casue my old shocker 2s were industructable

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