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  1. Hey there. Im in college for 2 more years. Once I finish I am going to become a Cop, or use my economics degree if i get paid well enough.

    But in the meantime, I am considering joining the Army Reserves. I was wondering what goes on during the one Weekend a month you are there?

    Also I was wondering if someone could specifically run me through the benefits that I would get (aka the $ i get paid). I am not interested so much in them paying for college because the school gave me a nice package for me to go there.

    thanks. Also this is for New Jersey if that Matters
  2. I thought you had to do 4 years? I may be wrong someone let me know.
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    you have to put me in as a referral first so I get 2 grand, I'll give you 500 bucks though.


    you have a couple of options and a lot of it depends on how smart you are

    since you have enough credits (I think 48 is the cutoff) you can ship to Basic as a PFC, if your recruiter doesn't give you that tell him to fuck himself and find another one who will work for you

    when you are going to school your tuition assistance is based per credit, it pays all of mine but it has a cap of 4500 each year.

    every month during school you get 309 from your GI bill
    in addition to that if you pick the right MOS you can get 350 added on to that as a "kicker" making your month check $659
    you have to choose the right job though, and thats all based off of what the army needs, if they need more in one place than another you will get more or less respectively

    you also get drill pay for your one weekend a month, for a PFC its $204, this is taxable, the other stuff isnt.

    another thing you can do if your interested is joining ROTC at college and do their 3 year program as an SMP cadet, with that you get 400.month stipend, non-deployable status, and a bump up to E-5 pay at drill (247)/month but with ROTC you have to do a lot more work which includes taking a class (3 cr) going to PT 3 days a week, and one field day each week for a few hours and one FTX each semester, but it is worth it in the end

    at drill you really dont do much, I would rather we did more, your supposed to practice your MOS and get better at it but usually we just have a few classes and sit around, we go to the range 2X each year to qualify with our weapons and your 2 weeks a year can be anything my unit is all carpenters and plumbers and they are going to CA to build guard towers or some shit.

    as far as enlistment bonus's go they are also the same deal as gi bill kickers, if they need certain jobs the higher the bonus, the one thing I ran into though was when I contracted with ROTC I had to forfeit half of mine which was 8 grand

    all of your money info is written out at in your contract when you go to a MEPS station for a physical and actually sign your shit, not by a recruiter, so whatever your recruiter says is usually a best case scenario, make sure you look into what the stipulations are on each benefit and research everything, keep your career goals and all that in mind too, dont just go only for the money, I ended up with a decent MOS plus all of the money, you just have to play your cards right

    Don't fuck up your ASVAB (test recruiters give you) it will only take away from job opportunities, I got a 92 (99 is the max) but any score over 85 will pretty much guarantee any job you want

    PM me if you want more info, and I am totally serious about the referral shit.

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