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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by weezyfbaby, Jul 21, 2009.

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    Guys, I recently bought a condo, I have all of my furniture already and everything I was just looking for some suggestions of art pieces to spice the place up a little and add some color and what not.

    I was hoping for some suggestions on art pieces for these spots..

    Above the dining table, I have a dining table that is pub style and pushed against a wall with the chairs on the other sides. It is a black table with glass in the middle of the top of the table. The seats are black with beige cushioning. Suggestions for something on the wall above that table and maybe something for on the table that is gender neutral or more meant for males.

    Above the tv, I have a 50" tv that is the center of the wall in the main room. I am looking for something to put above the TV/tv stand to fill some space, etc.

    Open space, I have a wall in the main room that is open space, it is not really covered or balanced by anything it is pretty much just a "hallway", if you want to call it that, next to the TV and the sofas, etc. My sofas are chocolate with my tv stand and tv being black. The carpet is neutral beige/offwhite if that helps with any suggestions.

    Open space in the hallway near my bed room. Something small here, maybe a few small pics here would be nice.

    Bedroom. Ok here is somewhere where I can offer a general theme or color theme that I am looking for. My bed sheets are navy blue and my bed set matches my trim and curtains in my room. Generally the feel is navy blue and white.. I am looking for maybe like nighttime moon sets, water, etc or something tranquil but generally white/blue more than predominantly blue just to kind of offset the navy blue tones in the room already but I don't want like green pictures or something like that if you catch my drift.

    Any and all suggestions for this or a website that might help me on my way to finding something I might like out of the ordinary would be great.

    Thanks ot
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