LGBT As the wind whistles through the corn

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    Chapter One

    I set on the black and chrome stool surfing OT and chatting in mIRC while cooking some burgers, bratwurst, corn and cheesy potatoes. It's so quiet in this house you can nearly hear the soybeans and corn whistle in the wind. I hear the coyotes howl in the distance and it sends shivers up my spine, making me realize I'm not alone all the way out here. BJ shoots up from his bed now too alert that we are not alone. I take him outside with me to get the burgers and brats, just in case the coyotes are closer then I think. We exit through the large glass doors from the kitchen onto the back deck. While BJ takes off to explore the lawn I pause and take time to look up at the clouds, the sky and the large moon. I feel again a familiar shiver down my spine and I think to myself "She's either looking down upon me thinking what a fuck up, I can't believe he is my son!" or "My plan seems to be working, he seems so much happier now!" The sounds of the highway soon take over and envelop the farm with sounds of semi's and cars running down the duck in bottoms. The burgers are just about done so I slap on the cheese so it can start to melt before I take them in, then place them on the plate with the beer brats. Sneakily I woof down a brat, then feel intrigued as to why I feel like I'm sneaking the food since I'm the only one home. I yell for BJ to come back in and he comes flying towards me at cheetah like speeds. In a few short seconds he's made it back in the door nearly knocking me down as he tries to fit through my legs. I put the food in the oven to hold the warmth in as it's kind of chilly tonight. Everything is ready, waiting, looking like someone should be taking pictures for a magazine. The floors are freshly swept and waxed, the cabinets polished, every clean dish placed away in their respective places. I pickup my laptop, head to the great room off of the dining room, and flop down ever so uncoordinated and land cross ways in the large overstuffed brown love seat. I hear BJ's paws and claws clicking against the hard wood floors and just in the nick of time I pitch the laptop onto the small table as he comes flying through the air on to my lap with a thud. I pickup my phone and think about calling him again to ask him when he's coming home as I'm growing lonely and in need of human conversation. I think twice about this and decide not to bug him again and that he'll be home as soon as he can. I take a drink of my Jack and Sprite, mmmm so nice! I chat with friends, reply to emails and before I know it my eyelids are growing ever so heavy. I finally get BJ off of my lap, breathing is much easier now and I head back into the kitchen. Every thing's still warm, awaiting to be placed upon the table for a late night supper. I hear the sounds of a truck coming down the highway and hope and pray that its Brad. I know it's probably just a semi but still I long to see headlights turn down our lane. BJ sets by my left side giving me his puppy dog eyes that are asking for a treat. Against my better judgment I go ahead and tear off some meat from the brat and throw it across the room and he loofs over and swallows is. The sound of that truck is getting louder now, sure enough just as soon as it got loud it's getting quiet again. I run to the front door for a better luck and sure enough, the truck as turned down the lane, I see it's 4 bright light pouring into the soybeans, gravel and reflecting off the barn. I make my way back into the kitchen and turn on the oven so the food shall warm up a bit more. I hear Brad park the truck under the canopy and I can also hear George running out from the barn nickering as loudly as he can, he too knows that Daddy is home.
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    i havent read any because it needs more spacing :o

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