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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by evan2, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. evan2

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    read that diesel fuel would be the best bet but I dont really have a jug nor want to buy one just to get some. Some people said regular de-greaser might work but what is the cheapest/easiest to get solution? Would goo gone or simple green work?

    I know Ill have to re polish, seal paint. Its mostly right next to the passenger side front drivers wheel and some on the door and rear quarter panel.

    they milled and layed new asphalt today and guess it was a bit soft still when I drove over it.

    washed my dirty ass car and noticed it.

    good thing the car is black.
  2. MartyFukstein

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    Everything you listed is too weak and will waste your time.

    Paint thinner and a rag.

    Polish/wax when done.

    I've detailed 10s of asphalt company rigs.
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    Yeah, what he said.
  4. evan2

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    how long can I leave it on for? Its on off wash right?
  5. evan2

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    Goo Gone worked....Im going to see what exactly was layed down

    might of just been a sealant on the road not sure if it was emullsion or any type of binder.
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    A good non polar (preferably aliphatic) solvent is just about all that will remotely dissolve asphalt. It doesn't have to be mineral spirits but something similar that wont dissolve the paint will be needed.
  7. evan2

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    just an fyi it wasnt asphalt just some cutback sealant.

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