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    Looking to play around with some Assembly. I took a class on it a few years ago and thought it was pretty cool. The only problem I'm having is that I'm not sure how to compile on a Mac. I think you can use GCC, although when I did it, I used some Microsoft ASM stuff that has to be installed to work in the console. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll need to look back at some of my notes and programs I wrote.

    Thanks guise

    edit: I notice in my programs I used "" Is that for Microsoft? Damn, I can't remember any of this stuff.
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    I think irvine32 is just a 32bit intel instruction set, not a specific one you have to use unless you want to

    When I was learning assembly I was testing with HC12 microcontrollers so I used the motorola instruction sets and MCUez. I also did assembly with PIC microcontrollers but quickly moved coding in C and used a compiler that would compile to a specific assembly instruction set needed.

    I'd just try and find a program that will provide you with a debugger, whatever program that might be. It's hard enough to debug assembly itself, but without being able to watch the registers and step through its impossible
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    I learned the same way, Motorola M68HC12. But you are right, in general you have be a lunatic to develop in assembly. Even the embedded applications that I develop for a living are done in C, with individual time-critical routines written in custom ASM as needed, such as the routine I wrote to read analog NTSC data and plot pixels to the display, enabling 30hz television signals to be displayed on our handheld instrument.

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