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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Astro, Dec 7, 2003.

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    Remember the OT web ring coding contest? Crotchfruit's web ring was the "mods corner" web ring of choice (congrats!). Before it can go up as OT's official web ring, it needs to be code reviewed. I've got the code, but I've been uber-loaded with work and school - which explains why you haven't seen me on here too much. I'm looking at my schedule and its going to be another week or so before I can even begin thinking about looking at the code (this might make for an interest C/P project - feedback is welcome on this idea).

    During the week day you might find me here: as AstroTeg (someone snagged "Astro"). Sorry, OT just isn't work friendly...

    Regarding, I just updated it a bit today: I've added the ability to add comments (code swipped from my webring app). Also kind of nifty is you can now look at the source code and download all my college programs from Intro to Computer Science, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Assembler (with code syntax highlighting). You can find all of this here:
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    btw, anyone can feel free to modify/use the code however they want. someone could also try to make it look more like OTv6 as well. i'm currently brainfried working on another site right now so it's hard for me to take an active role here, but i will respond to questions regarding how things work etc. also, constructive criticism on code layout is welcome.. i've gotten into a rut of banging out working-but-ugly code and it would nice to see how to transform it into more elegant style.

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