ati radeon 9200 (SE)

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by marty hiebert, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. just curious what a safe overclock would be on this card . i was thinking of using rage3d software to to this. i ran aquamark3 benchmark on it and scored 8295 with it and i get 4600 in 3dmark 2001 under stock settings - the cpu is not overclocked.

    my system:

    amd athlon xp 2000+
    gigabyte av7 motherboard
    ati radeon 9200 se
    256 ddr 2700 ram - kingston
    aopen cdrw 52x24x52 drive
    maxtor 30 gig ata 133 hdd
    400 watt psu
    soundblaster live soundcard
    atlec lansing avs 300 speakers
    running win98se and mandrake linux version 9.0

    and the video card is under stock cooling (no fans on card)

    anything i miss?

  2. silver75

    silver75 Guest

    since it uses a passive heatsink i wouldnt recommend any overclock, get a new heatsink/fan (vantec iceberq4, comes with ramsinks), then try overclocking...i cant say how much is safe, but after that youd have more room to work safely with

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