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    So I went to this atmosphere show at 930club in D.C. about 3 weeks ago, and I was very disappointed.

    I'm in the mood to go see a HIP HOP show, and here's what i see:

    Slug comes out with these guys playing guitar, bass, and drums. They are jammin out, playin i guess some songs from the new album (which i havent heard yet). No turntable, no ant, just slug and these 3 white dudes that are singing along to his choruses

    After about 30 minutes of this junk, the bandies leave and are replaced by Ant on the decks. "FINALLY," i'm thinking to myself. So slug comes back out, except one he's got this hype man whos just jumping around the stage and yelling out over slugs lyrics, while essentially moshing around the stage.

    Ant, meanwhile, is just straight PLAYinG records. FOr the next 40 mins, i think maybe ONCE i heard him scratch a record or even MIX something. I look around, and i see about 50% of the audience is white girls, and 90% of the audience is not holding a drink in their hands. Meaning most of these people were under 21 (leading me to believe they probably only became fans after god loves ugly) - "ohh im a 14 yr old girl, i hate society, im so ugly, but slug loves ugly, so i love slug. :greddy: "

    I pretty much knew that there were all these teenage white girls that were all fans of atmosphere now. that didnt really surprise me all that much

    but i was really expecting them to hold it down and put on a hip hop show, and it was more like fred durst on a lexapro withdrawal

    they had a huge banner on the wall that said 'ATMOSPHERE: MIDWEST MUSIC'

    wasnt really sure how i felt about that.....i'm not from the midwest, and maybe Slug is on some next level shit...doin the rock/rap combo..... but it wasnt a good show, anyway you slice it....

    why cant slug stop with the EMO-Rap shit, even when he KNOWS tahts what he's doing....
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    nw iowa

    sorry that show sucked.

    saw him in minneapolis and it was amazing.... it wasnt even his show, went to sage francis and thought slug's performance was better. :o

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